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Gate Ventures is a strategic finance advisory firm based in Tel-Aviv, providing private placement and M&A advisory services to early and late-stage software and IT services companies, and assisting companies in achieving their financial and strategic goals. 

Gate provides analysis of the company’s funding options, and identifies and approaches the appropriate investor for the company. Gate maintains significant relationships with its extensive network of investors, based in the U.S. and Europe. Gate’s network of investors includes strategic market leaders with true added value, institutional investors, Growth Capital funds, Venture Capital Funds, Family Offices, Debt Venture Funds and Commercial Banks – providing various forms of funding, including equity and debt finance, venture capital, and growth capital.

Gate focuses mainly on midmarket private placement, mergers, acquisitions, designing and executing transactions largely between Israeli tech companies and foreign companies backed by Private Equity firms enabling the firms to expand their existing portfolio by “adds on”.

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