Our Process






Understanding The Company's Needs​

As first step of our process, we conduct intensive meetings to gain insight as to the company's product, team, financial analysis of its assets and liabilities in order to understand the company valuation. During this stage, we help prepare the documents that will be presented to our potential investors including an executive summary, presentation, summary of key financial data, proposal to investors and more.


Potential Investor List​

Once the basic materials are set and ready to go, we conduct a thorough reserch within our network and beyond to identify and schedule meetings with the potential investors. Our investor relations are extensive and encompass the private equity and VC ecosystem, foreign and local institutional investors


TS/LOI Negotiations And Deal Structure​

Once we recive a positive indication from a potential investor, we assist in managing the negotiations on the transaction documents. Following the signed Term Sheet, we assist in the due diligince process from the legal and financial aspect. We play a vital role in the negotiations and work in cooperation with your lawyers until the agreement is finalized.


Closing And Signing​

As we reach the final closing stages, we make sure that nothing could go wrong in these critical steps and are involved until the funds are secure in the company's bank account. We are very pleased when bringing our client this far and celebrate this event in an enjoyable evening out.