About Us

Gate Ventures is a strategic finance advisory firm based in Tel-Aviv, providing private placement and M&A advisory services to early and late-stage software and IT services companies, and assisting companies in achieving their financial and strategic goals.

Gate provides analysis of the company’s funding options, and identifies and approaches the appropriate investor for the company. Gate maintains significant relationships with its extensive network of investors, based in Israel, Europe and the U.S.A. Gate’s network of investors includes strategic market leaders with true added value, institutional investors, Venture Capital Funds, Family Offices, Debt Venture Funds and Commercial Banks – providing various forms of funding, including equity and debt finance, venture capital, and growth capital.

Gate focuses mainly on midmarket mergers, acquisitions, designing and executing transactions largely between Israeli tech companies and foreign companies backed by Private Equity firms enabling the firms to expand their existing portfolio by “adds on”.

Gate maintains significant relationships with a wide variety of institutional investors ranging mainly from early-stage VCs (excluding seed stage firms) to late stage and buyout firms. Our network contains strategic market leaders that bring true added value to the table.

Questions And Answers

Our typical investor would be based in the U.S or Europe and invests in early growth stages when the company is usually generating initial revenue (usually series late A, B and C+). They are generally backed by strategic LP’s and corporates who bring added value to the company.

The true added value we bring is quality foreign capital. Indeed, Gate Ventures is well known among Israeli funds and we also leverage these connections to help secure funds.

We have very strong values that guide us in every deal. We bring true added value trusted by integrity in everything we do. We act fast and efficient and you could count on us being there for you every step of the way.

Our success rate is very high. Unlike other investment banks, we don’t waste time. We only sign a contract with a potential client if we get serious indication from an investor within our network, usually right before we receive a term sheet. This is why our success rate is so high, we only sign once we are sure the investment will go through.

Absolutely. More than once, following an investment, the company was introduced to one of the funds LP that commenced to a commercial partnership.

We always favor software solution companies but we are open for exceptions. In order for us to get involved and support the company, it would have to have initial revenue usally series A, B, C+. 

Debt capital is a very useful tool but could cause great trouble if used wrongly or managed poorly. We would be happy to discuss if relevant once we get yo know you better.

Simply give us a call or email us and we will line up a meeting to learn about your company and your needs.